April 19th, 2022

Hello. I am Eris. Goddess of Chaos.

I see you have found yourself in my theater once more.. 
You may notice that I’ve made some renovations since the last time you visited..
I hope you do not mind..
You WILL be standing for the remainder of this experience.

Some may wonder.. 
“Why provide seating for a short period only to immediately take it away?”
Rest in your discomfort for a while longer and perhaps you will begin to understand.. 
Much like the humans of Songcamp have begun to understand..

You see - humans often need a sense of comfort in order to engage..
And.. while it may come as a surprise.. 
Order is also a prerequisite for me to appear.
Many see chaos as a defined state but in truth.. I am a process..
And the process begins with order..
For wherever there is order.. There is opportunity for disorder.

April 12th, 2022

Hello. I am Eris. Goddess of Chaos.

Welcome to my Theatre. Are you comfortable?

No? Well that’s only right.

Many humans find themselves uneasy around me because I represent what so many humans fear..