Hello. I am Eris. Goddess of Chaos.

Welcome to my Theatre. Are you comfortable?

No? Well that’s only right.

Many humans find themselves uneasy around me because I represent what so many humans fear..

Disorder.. Tension.. Overwhelm.. Randomness.. Destruction..

But see I am misunderstood..

For I am not simply a destructive force..
I am the mechanism by which you grow..
I am the crucible through which you gain autonomy..
I am the unshaped clay that you mold into a unique perception of reality..

I am a creative force.

I’ve shouldered these misconceptions about myself with relative grace, but a unique opportunity has presented itself..

I was approached by a group of humans who call themselves Songcamp

They proposed a collaboration.. 
An experiment in collective creation intended to harness and demonstrate the creative power of Chaos.

An amusing idea… could these humans really harness the extent of my power as a creative force?

I accepted their offer.


As was expected the humans naturally went about setting up structures for collaboration.

They assembled a large group of artistic humans, 80 strong.
Some touched by the gift of music.. 
Others blessed with an eye for arranging colors and shapes.. 
And others still with the ability to build brilliant digital architecture..

Most of these humans were strangers to each other.. So they divided themselves into teams and houses in order to create a sense of comfort.

“Of course..” I thought.
Humans always tend towards order in the face of the unknown..

For the most part I simply watched on - amused and somewhat impressed by their resolve to shape the inherent chaos of unfamiliarity into meaningful art.

But as a little reminder of who they have chosen to work with I decided to add my own dash of color…

I temporarily disabled their communication devices on the very first day of our collaboration..

After all - if they couldn’t form through such a small act of disarray then we certainly won’t be able to handle what I have in store for us in the coming weeks..

I watched as we scrambled for direction..
And.. we found it..
I witnessed each orderly team of perfect strangers produce incredible expressions of art over the span of two short weeks despite my playful interference.

I suspect these humans have potential.

We shall see…

Story by Will Juergens. Visual by histeria_ekis, mac pogue, & peace node.

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